Populo Research

We believe that, where possible, the best place to start with your benefits strategy is to conduct research with your employees. At Populo we are able to include this service in our work as we have qualified in-house researchers to help establish what your employees value and what they want. You can uncover your staff’s views on their pensions, and a broad array of employee benefits, plus anything else you might need their feedback on. With our findings and insights as the basis for your strategy, it will be informed and evidence based. And your people will be left feeling included, engaged and more valued.

We can conduct a wide range of different types of research with your employees. Whether it’s quantitative, like a short online survey, or more in-depth qualitative, like focus groups or interviews, we’re here to help.

Our experience has taught us that a well designed employee benefits offering is more valued by the employees and offers a better return on investment to employers. 

We can also follow up the initial research and implementation with regular pulse surveys. These surveys can vary from a quick one question survey on a weekly basis, or a more substantial one monthly or quarterly. Either way, continuous snap shots into how engaged your people are and what you can change to improve their engagement and productivity, can be invaluable when trying to retain and recruit the best staff available. 

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