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Company and Owner Protection

One of the biggest threats to an SME’s on-going success is the loss of a company owner, director or key employee. The impact on the business can be massively detrimental. At Populo we say ‘get on the front foot’.  The best thing to do is to acknowledge the risk, assess it, and take the appropriate action to protect the business. Every company is different and will need different solutions, but here are broadly the areas we look at:

Director Share Purchase

DSP does a number of things.  It protects the shareholder holders, their families, and the future of the business if an owner were to become critically ill or die prematurely. Essentially it does this by putting in place an agreement so that everyone knows what should happen in this unfortunate situation and it's then underpinned by some life and/or critical illness insurance to provide the funds to make it happen. 

Key Pension Protection

Within many SME’s there are key leaders and employees who really drive the business and revenue. But what happens if these people are unable to continue their work due to a critical illness or premature death? The reality is that this can often cause financial strife and turmoil. Key Person Protection is there to help the business cope by providing a financial injection to support the business through a transitional period and to facilitate the search and recruitment of new people.

Loan Protection

As many of us do when looking at our personal finances, companies can take out life and/or critical illness insurance to repay the company borrowings if an owner or key member of staff were to be unable to continue driving the business. Clearing the debt can ease the burden on cash flow at a difficult time.

Pensions and Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment means that all employers, no matter the size, will need to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a pension scheme and make contributions to it.

Starting back in October 2012 with the largest employers it has now progressed to impact smaller and smaller businesses. 

We have been supporting companies through the process for the last 3 years, in this time we have come across a broad and varied list a requirements as each firm looks to meet their duties.

We offer companies a fully independent advised and supported service to take away the stress and burden and to deliver the most suitable solution for your business. Populo also introduced our Auto Enrolment Direct product in 2015 to provide a non-advised low cost online solution for smaller firms, or firms with straight forward requirements, who are simply looking to be compliant. 

Please note that auto enrolment services do not fall under the remit of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 


In a similar way to individuals and families setting aside funds for future requirements, businesses do the same. Many companies have performed well in recent years and accrued significant amounts of cash which is not required now but will be used further down the line to invest in the business, acquiring assets or property. With record low interest rates a cash based savings account may not provide a return and so looking at an investment could prove to be a better solution. 

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