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Personal Protection

At Populo we specialise in working with companies to support them and their staff. However, we are fully qualified independent advisers and have a lot of experience in personal financial planning for the company directors we work with and their staff.

Term Assurance and Whole of Life

Term Assurance provides life and/or critical illness cover for a fixed period of time. It can fulfil a variety of functions, from repaying borrowing like a mortgage, or providing income for a family who have lost someone, securing their financial security. 

Whole of Life is a different cover that runs as long as you. As this kind of policy doesn't expire, its use is different to that of Term Assurance. Most commonly a Whole of Life policy is used to help beneficiaries meet the cost of any inheritance tax they may face.

Income Protection

Although you may benefit from statutory sick pay, the benefit doesn’t last long and it may be nowhere near the level of income you are used to and require. Many people find themselves unable to work for prolonged periods at some point in their careers and Income Protection is there to support if this happens.

Private Medical Insurance

Although the NHS is highly valued, sometimes there can be long waiting times to get things sorted out. This can often lead to prolonged periods off work, when many individuals find their earnings reduce. Private medical has the potential to get you sorted out and back up and running faster, lessening the difficulty experienced. 


Retirement planning seems to constantly be in the press, with the story that we don’t do enough of it, or that some rules have changed here and there. We believe that making retirement a choice is the best way forward. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know the number of people in work for each one in retirement is reducing. By 2050 it's expected to be down to 2:1 having been as high as 10:1. (Figures from a presentation given by The Pension Regulator)

We believe that this makes the state pension, in its current guise, unsustainable. Making your own plans and taking control of your financial future must be a better way, mustn’t it?

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Financial management and planning is critical for everyone. A great starting point is to try and define your financial goals, whether it be buying a house, a second home, or paying for your kids to go to uni. The first step in achieving your goals is knowing what they are.

We are here to help you define your goals and then propose the best way to try and meet them. 

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